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When it comes to expanding your home living space, one of the most effective ways to do it is to finish the basement. You can turn a full basement into an entire floor of extra living space. You may even be able to create bedrooms, install a kitchen, and add a bathroom. I created this site to share my experiences with basement renovations and construction. My hope is that sharing what I have learned will help others to see that it's easier than you think to finish the basement and create the space you have always envisioned in your home.

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Common Dredging Questions Homeowners Ask

Spot dredging services can be extremely useful for homeowners that have a shoreline on their property. When homeowners first move into properties located in these areas, they may benefit from learning more about dredging.

Why Would You Need To Hire A Spot Dredging Service?

Spot dredging is one of the more common types of dredging services that people will need. This can be ideal in instances where the area that needs to be dredged is fairly small. For example, individuals that need to install a dock or boat ramp may need to have the ground under the water dredged to make it level. Construction is not the only time that this service may be needed: boat ramps can be essential for easily and safely putting watercraft in the water, but sediment accumulations around the boat ramp can compromise its performance. Dredging can be the most effective way of removing these materials.

Will The Dredging Equipment Damage Your Landscaping?

Dredging will require extremely powerful equipment to complete. This can lead to an assumption that the landscaping will be damaged by this equipment; however, dredging contractors will take great care to avoid damaging the landscaping. In most cases, the primary threat will be from the wheels of the truck that carries the dredging equipment. If there is pavement near the shore, this will greatly reduce this risk.

What Happens To The Sediment That Is Removed?

Not surprisingly, dredging operations can create large amounts of soil and sediment. You might assume that disposing of these sediments will be extremely difficult, but dredging companies will often be able to dispose of these materials for you. Before having the sediment hauled away, you may want to consider whether there are any ways you could use it for your property. For example, it may be useful for replenishing areas that have suffered from erosion.

Is It Normal To Periodically Dredge The Same Area?

Homeowners are often surprised to find that they may need to have their boat ramp periodically dredged. This is necessary due to the fact that sediment will gradually be deposited around the boat ramp by the currents in the water. The exact frequency of dredging will vary based on the currents in the body of water along with its sediment content. Some homes may need to have this done every few years while others may be able to go for a decade or longer before dredging is necessary.