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When it comes to expanding your home living space, one of the most effective ways to do it is to finish the basement. You can turn a full basement into an entire floor of extra living space. You may even be able to create bedrooms, install a kitchen, and add a bathroom. I created this site to share my experiences with basement renovations and construction. My hope is that sharing what I have learned will help others to see that it's easier than you think to finish the basement and create the space you have always envisioned in your home.

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Sealcoating On A Roof? Three Instances Where This Is Practical

Sealcoating is generally used on roads and driveways. It is meant to protect and seal asphalt against the elements and against constant vehicle traffic. However, it can be used on roofs. Here are three instances where this would be quite practical.

You Have Wooden Shingles

Wooden shingles have to be sealed against pest invasion. It is too easy for insects like bees and locusts to get under the shingles and do some damage. Using the sealcoating under each row of wooden shingles seals the shingles off from water damage and from pests. It also gets the shingles to adhere to each successive level, making it very difficult for the shingles to come loose.

You Want to Seal Your Asphalt Shingle Roof Temporarily

If your roof has a few minor leak problems, but you do not have the money just yet to repair it, you might use sealcoating to patch the roof temporarily. If you plan to cover the old shingle roof with a new metal roof, you might also sealcoat the roof in preparation for the addition of a metal roof. 

Your Contractor Is Using the Sealcoating over Roofing Fabric and under the New Roof

Sealcoating can make a roof more waterproof, which is ideal in parts of the country where it is especially wet and rainy. If you live in Florida or along the Gulf, your new roof might have a layer of MDS board followed by roofing fabric, followed by sealcoating, followed by layers of shingles. These multiple layers reinforce the roof and help protect it against the torrential rains that are common in these parts of the country.

Before you decide to use sealcoating as a roofing product, talk to your roofing contractor. His or her advice on this matter, as well as any instruction on the use of sealcoating, should be followed. He/she may also be able to best advise you on the application of sealcoating and give you any additional tips that would be helpful.

Also, if you hire a roofing contractor, ask him/her about the use of sealcoating. Some contractors have heard of this, while others have not. However, it is worth investigating, given the potential benefits it can have as a roofing product. If your contractor feels that it may not be of much benefit to your roof, take his/her advice seriously.

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