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When it comes to expanding your home living space, one of the most effective ways to do it is to finish the basement. You can turn a full basement into an entire floor of extra living space. You may even be able to create bedrooms, install a kitchen, and add a bathroom. I created this site to share my experiences with basement renovations and construction. My hope is that sharing what I have learned will help others to see that it's easier than you think to finish the basement and create the space you have always envisioned in your home.

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3 Areas Of A House That Need Prompt Repairs

A house is constructed of numerous parts that must be taken care of to prevent untimely damage. The best way to keep your house in good shape is to make sure repairs are done as they are needed, rather than waiting. You must understand that some types of damage can lead to more expensive repairs quickly. Take a look at this article to learn about some of the areas of your house that might need prompt repairs every now and then. 

1. Hanging Rain Gutters

Hanging rain gutters are not only an unappealing sight to look at, but such a problem can also be detrimental to your house. It is important to understand why the gutters are in there in the first place. For instance, your house must have functional rain gutters to prevent the ground near the foundation from becoming overly saturated with water when it rains. The reason water control is important near the foundation is because too much of it creates thick mud that can put a large amount of pressure on the foundation. The bad thing about the pressure is that it can cause damage to the foundation, such as by causing it to slip or crack. Get the gutter repaired if they are hanging off of your house, or if there are leaks between the joints.

2. Leaking Plumbing Lines

The plumbing system in your house is important because damage to it can lead to numerous problems. One of the most serious things that can happen is for the plumbing lines to burst open. You can end up with a large mess in your house from busted plumbing lines, such as from water or sewage getting all over the place. When the lines are not repairs soon enough, the moisture levels in your house will rise and cause mold and mildew to develop, which is dangerous to your health.

3. A Damaged Chimney

Another part of your house that must receive prompt repairs is the chimney, but that's only if you have a fireplace. It is important for the mortar between the bricks of the chimney to have a sufficient amount of mortar that isn't old. The reason why is to keep the bricks in place and prevent rainwater from getting into your house through the chimney. A damaged chimney can be a fire hazard, and it can also cause mold to grow in your house. Spalling bricks should be repaired in a timely manner as well. If you notice any of these issues, talk professionals like Excel Chimney & Fireplace Service.