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When it comes to expanding your home living space, one of the most effective ways to do it is to finish the basement. You can turn a full basement into an entire floor of extra living space. You may even be able to create bedrooms, install a kitchen, and add a bathroom. I created this site to share my experiences with basement renovations and construction. My hope is that sharing what I have learned will help others to see that it's easier than you think to finish the basement and create the space you have always envisioned in your home.

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3 Tips For Speeding Up The Post-Flood Restoration Process

The threat of flooding is a harsh reality for some people, and homeowners face the prospect of excessive damage to their property and an uninhabitable home for some period of time. However, there are a number of precautions that can be taken both pre- and post-flood that can help reduce the impact of flooding and speed up the restoration process. 

Keep a List of Important Phone Numbers

If there is an extensive risk of flooding in your area, you should make sure that you have all of your important phone numbers written down and kept in a safe place. In today's era, this is easily done by saving your emergency numbers on your mobile phone. The most important numbers you'll need to have are: 

  • Your insurance company. 
  • Your insurance company's help line. 
  • A good plumber. 
  • A good electrician. 
  • A good damage contractor, who will work to restore your property to its previous state. 

You've likely had work carried out on your home before and have formed a relationship with some skilled tradesmen. These people are absolutely vital in times of emergency, so make sure you don't lose their contact details. 

Take Preventive Measures

You can't stop the flood from happening. Nature has decided that it's going to happen, regardless of any temporary defenses you construct. Instead of worrying about stopping the flood from reaching your home, you should take preventive measures to reduce the consequence when it does reach you: 

  • Turn off all of your mains electricity supplies. 
  • Make sure you have torches or lamps available in case the lights go out. 
  • Move all of your electrical goods upstairs. If this isn't possible, use pallets, boxes and tables to place these items at a higher level, clear of any water. 
  • Move all books and important possessions to a higher level. 
  • Clear any rugs from the floor and move these to a safer area. 
  • Make sure your pets are safe and aren't kept on ground level. 

By taking preventive measures, you not only reduce the damage spread by the flood, but also reduce the cost of restoring your property. 

Take Action to Speed Up the Restoration Process

In the event of a flood, your house is likely going to be uninhabitable for the foreseeable future. You'll have to find temporary accommodation until contractors can clear your house of any damage and restore it to a livable condition. Nobody wants this process to drag on, so you should take any measures possible to speed up the contractor's job. 

The first thing to do is to ventilate your house as much as possible by opening all windows and doors. If water is allowed to collect in a warm environment, then mold can start to form which will take considerable effort to remove. Additionally, the 'damp' smell associated with water-damaged material is very difficult to remove once it has set in. 

Lift your carpets and rugs and remove these from the house. These will suck up a great deal of water, which can significantly delay the drying of your property. Additionally, flood water isn't purified so it could be contaminated with a large number of chemicals. 

If your fridge or freezer has been water damaged, you should throw out all of the contents and ensure they are switched off at the mains. If your freezer is wet but no water has infiltrated, keep the door shut and get an electrician to fix the mains supply as quickly as possible. 

It's important to realize that flooding is a major problem, and your property won't be restored to its normal in the immediate future. However, by choosing a fully qualified and experienced damage contractor like Central Flood Management Inc, the work will be carried out to a high standard and your property will be returned to a livable condition as soon as possible